LFW: Ethical Fashion Doesn’t Have To Be Tatty

Spectacular runway shows set the bar for next seasons trends, luxe high end designs and artistic pieces carefully mastered with expert skill- but who’d have thought that the high end fashion industry cared about being ethical? Ethical fashion is often pigeon holed as being vintage or recycled scraps of material that have been amalgamated to … Continue reading

House Of Holland Fashion Film

With quirky fashion films being choice for showcasing couture catwalk trends as seen at Missoni, Prada, and David David. Henry Holland has also jumped on the bandwagon and blown others out of the water with his retro-esque, tongue in cheek, kitsch fashion film for his popping collection starring elfin pretty (but somehow f*cking annoying) Pixie … Continue reading

Nerm’s Feb 2011 Mix: REVOLVER

So heres another mix from Shiva Soundsystem’s Nerm, bringing you some punkin’ sounds from Fun-Da-Mental, some orchestral dubstep from Skrillex & Noisia, taking you back in time with some Ms Dynamite and The Beatles and then pulling you right back with some soulful dubstep with Magnetic Man feat John Legend. This ones explosive. Download it … Continue reading

Nikesh Shukla On Hip-Hop, Deepak Chopra & Coconuts…

‘Coconut Unlimited’ by Nikesh Shukla is a book I found terrifyingly easy to relate to. It hilariously exposes the inadequacies we face as teenagers striving to form a cultural identity whilst being from an ethnic background and growing up in an ever-changing Western society. Coconut Unlimited is a funny, poignant, coming of age story which … Continue reading


Ever since I’ve known about this sassy jewellery label, I’ve been in love with it…and have probably worn an Evol Heist piece everyday since! Its fun, its future-esque and edgy as fuck. Once you get a taste, you won’t want to wear anything else either- I had a chat with the fabulous and inspiring jewellery … Continue reading

You Know What, Jawad?

Sunny Ali & The Kid are a couple of ruggedly handsome, musical cowboys from the wild west- thats America to you and I. With their catchy lyrics, cross country-punk sound, intriguing song titles and addictive albums, Sunny Ali & The Kid represent a nu-school genre with a vintage edge. I’ve been belting out the lyrics … Continue reading


If you enjoyed ‘Sit Down, Man’ and ‘Shutup, Dude’ in my previous blog post and interview with Himanshu Suri of Das Racist, you’re totally going to dig their new track featuring LAKUTIS. Its got a dope beat, edgily funny lyrics and a vintage sample on top- hot off the rap press, this is ‘SWATE’! Check … Continue reading


Its Wednesday, what you up to tonight? What? Its a school night so you can’t go out and do a late one, but you reeeeeaaalllly wanna go out dancing? Stop right there and STOP making excuses, you don’t have to go out because the party is coming to you!  You can still do an early … Continue reading

D-Skillz & Rita Morar

Up and coming producer D-Skillz and Rita ‘voice-of-an-ethereal-being’ Morar have collaborated on a unique and beautiful track titled ‘Let Me Know’. Its an upbeat drum & bass sound fused together with a far Eastern, almost operatic vocal. I was astounded when I heard it, its absolutely stunning. Heres a teaser, and remember, you heard it … Continue reading

My Endz Are Brown, Black & Polish

Riz MC does it again, with the release of his contagious ‘straight up no bullshit’ track, ‘All In The Ghetto’. ‘All In The Ghetto’ exposes a gritty reality about today’s society where white middle class ‘hipsters’ are moving into, what are seen as ”ghetto” areas of London predominantly full of ethnic minorities. Why would they … Continue reading